Favorite Couples

Fate: the will or principle or determining cause by which things in general are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do

Desire: a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment

Love: the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration

Soulmate:  A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner and/or

According to Greek mythology, our ancestors originally had two heads and four arms until they angered the gods and were split in two, condemning humans to a lifelong search for their soul mates.

I am fascinated by the notion of two souls recognizing the other. All of the qualities listed above are why these couples are my favorites.


Tatiana and Alexander from The Bronze Horseman Trilogy

“Tatiana had imagined her Alexander since she was a child, before she believed that someone like him was even possible. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of a fine world in which a good man walked its winding roads, perhaps somewhere in his wandering soul searching for her.”


Olivia and Caleb from The Opportunist and Dirty Red

“When they’re together, it’s like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room – you can feel the tension. I didn’t believe in the cliche of soul mates until I saw them together.”


Cat and Bones from The Night Huntress Series

“Maybe some hidden, fragmented part of me had feared that if I admitted to Bones how much he truly meant to me, then I’d be acknowledging to myself that he had the power to destroy me more thoroughly than anyone, even Apollyon or the vampire council, could. All the rest of the world could only kill or devastate my mind and body. Bones alone held the power to demolish my soul.”


Katy and Daemon from The Lux Series

“Daemon spoke in his language. The lyrical quality of his words made no sense to me.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“There’s really no translation for it,” he said, “but the closest human words would be, you are beautiful to me.”

Perry Palamino and Dex Foray from Experiment in Terror Series

“I want you to stay with me,” he said. “And that’s the problem. Every time you leave me, I need you a little bit more.”

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