Review Requests

Are you an author/publisher interested in me reading and reviewing your book? Not only will I post my review here but also on goodreads/librarything/tumblr/facebook and twitter!  If so please send me an email to >>> mybookmuse (at) or fill out the form below!

While I read on average 3-6 books a week I am still a full time college student. I may not get to your book and review right away unless a time frame is established. I also do not like to be  discouraging of another person’s work. If I have a hard time reading or enjoying your book I will personally let you know instead of writing a review stating so. Just because I may not enjoy your work does not mean that some else wouldn’t love it.

With that said I enjoy paranormal romance, historical romance, erotica, adult contemporary, fantasy, young adult genres the most.

I love nothing more than recommending books to my friends so if your book sounds like something I am interested please email me because I would love to support you!

Thank you for the consideration!!!