Turning Point Review (Kathleen Turner #3) by Tiffany Snow


After her promotion from law firm Runner to Investigator, Kathleen Turner is learning the ropes of her new job from none other than assassin-for-hire Kade Dennon, a situation her boyfriend Blane Kirk is none too happy about. But the lessons with Kathleen take a back seat when Kade becomes a target. Previously untouchable, his enemies now know of the chink in his armor – his brother’s girlfriend.

And Kade’s not the only thing coming between Kathleen and Blane. From Blane’s inexplicable defense of a man guilty of a horrible crime, to a mysterious stranger from Kathleen’s past, to Kathleen’ risky investigation into human traffickers, the obstacles mount against a relationship that’s just begun to find trust again.

While Blane considers a job offer that would take him back to the front lines in the war on terror, Kathleen is determined to pursue her new career, with or without his approval. Unfortunately, her current case is far more dangerous than anyone knows. Someone close to Blane will go to extreme lengths to split them up, lengths that may prove worse than death for Kathleen.

Kathleen, Blane and Kade must atone for the sins of the past and the present. The fallout will force Kathleen to a turning point…in her career, and her life. (Goodreads)

Where do I start? This book has everything! Let’s start with the visuals…


Kathleen Turner comes from a long line of famous Turners. Well not really, but her family plays on their last name, with her father being named Ted Turner and her grandmother Tina Turner. Previously employed as a runner for law firm Kirk and Trent, she is now a current investigator working under Kade Dennon.



Kade Dennon has black hair, blue eyes, and looks that kill. Yes literally. As a former FBI agent, Kade currently works as an assassin and he has Kathleen under his tutelage. Kade is also the half brother of Kathleen’s on/again off/again boyfriend Blane. This causes many problems because Kade has his eye on Kathleen….



Blane Kirk is former Navy Seal who is high-power attorney at Kirk and Trent. With dark blonde hair, green eyes, the former playboy Blane is quite the catch. Blane is closed off, overprotective, and set in his ways.


This series has it all. A loveable heroine, Kathleen is smart, hardworking and vulnerable. Kathleen is my favorite type of heroine. She is strong-willed and brave but knows when to ask for help and I love that about her ❤

Now what keeps me coming back to this series is Kade and Blane. Swooon

I REALLY loved Blane….at first. Now don’t get me wrong I still do, but Kade is killing me….

“Are you sleeping with him?” I choked on my beer. “I can’t believe you just asked me that” I sputtered, my cheeks burning, “That means your not,” he said, and there was no mistaking the satisfaction in his voice. “It’s been six weeks. If Blane hasn’t sealed the deal by now, it’s open season.” I was almost afraid to ask. “Open season on what?” The look in his eyes made my breath catch. “On you.”


Yes, I totally went there. Kade is sexy, dangerous and the ultimate forbidden fruit. But Kade is much more than looks. He is also protective, sweet, and getting under Kathleen’s skin…

“I look into your eyes and see my soul written there.” I was stunned, listening to words I shouldn’t hear, words he shouldn’t utter. Yet I couldn’t make myself push him away. The agony and adulation in his eyes held me captive. “I want to tell you how i knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were destined to be my downfall.”

Now I still love Blane and the moments between him and Kathleen were hot as hell.

“Do you want me inside you, Kat?” he asked his voice rough. I jerked my head in a nod. “Say it. Tell me what you want.” I swallowed, my cheeks burning. “I want you,” I pushed past my dry lips. “Want me to what?” My restraint broke. “Please Blane,” I begged. “I want you inside me.”


But the sexual tension isn’t the only thing going on in Turning Point. Kathleen is living in a dangerous world and this time she is on the brink of losing everything….

I could NOT put down this book. Fair warning, this book leaves off on a MAJOR cliffhanger. Just when you think there was gonna be some happiness and all that jazz


If your looking for a thrilling, sexy, jaw dropping series I could not recommend this series more! Make sure to check out Book 1&2 before reading Turning Point.

4 stars*

Book 1 No Turning Back



Book 2 Turn To Me



Book 3 Turning Point



Book 4 Out Of Turn





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