No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date (A Brandy Alexander Mystery #2)


Brandy and her friends are back in the second book in the Brandy Alexander Mystery Series No Such Thing As A Good Blind Date When childhood friend and recent parolee Toodie Ventura suggests he exchange his plumbing services for the spare room in twenty-eight year old Brandy Alexander’s house, the out-of-work new homeowner thinks it’s a pretty good idea. That is, until she discovers a dismembered body in the freezer and the suspect topping the list is the now missing Toodie. Brandy refuses to accept her old friend is a cold-blooded killer and, with the help of her ex-boyfriend, (police detective Bobby DiCarlo) and sexy mystery man Nicholas Santiago she sets out to prove Toodie’s innocence. Soon, Brandy finds herself up to her neck in stalkers and deranged killers, all the while juggling some of the worst blind dates ever! -Goodreads

In the 2nd installment of The Brandy Alexander Mysteries, Brandy is back and is funny as ever!

“Leaning back in the chair, I assessed my situation: jobless, penniless, mate-less, dining at the kitchen table with a stray mutt of undetermined origins. My mother would be so proud.”

After the 1st book Brandy has decided to stay in Philadelphia and buy her childhood home from her folks. When childhood friend Toodie offers his plumbing services in exchange for a place to say, Brandy reluctantly agrees. Despite Toodie’s dark past, and the objections by her family and friends, the two of them forge a friendship.

“Toodie reminded me of an Irish Setter puppy, all arms and legs and big dopey smiles.”

Brandy now living at home without a job (other than making her brother John stutter in trepidation when she helps out at the club) and her love life is kinda non-existent.

“Then why does he need his mother to get dates for him? Forget it, Carla. There is no such thing as a good blind date.”

“He’s some high power guy at The News Network.” Wow. I’d been trying to get an interview with them since I got back to town. “He sounds perfect. Can’t wait to meet him.” Carla smiled triumphantly. Okay, I can be bought. So sue me.”

Events start to unfold when the blind date turns into a crime scene. Toodie, who has mysteriously vanished after leaving a freezer full of body parts in Brandy’s basement, is suspect number 1.

“If you’re looking to set some kind of neighborhood record for ‘most bizarre happenings in a single family residence’, so far, you’re winning.”

Brandy being the fiercely loyal, and snoop that she is, puts herself in harms way to prove Toodie’s innocence. This mission leads her back to Nick Santiago.

“Nick told me once that I should never mistake him for a nice guy, because I would only end up disappointed. But all I know is I trust him completely. And in the end, that’s all I really need to know.”

Nick, despite his questionable associates and methods, helps Brandy out again.

“Thanks. Listen, dinner was great, and um, I hope you know how much I appreciate you helping me out- but, hey, don’t worry, once I cultivate my own gang members and street derelicts I won’t keep hitting up your sources.”

The attraction between Brandy and Nick continues to grow and Brandy has to deal with her feelings for her Nick, as well as long-time love Bobby DiCarlo. DiCarlo has maintained his distance from Brandy in order to appease his ever suspicious wife, who is now stalking Brandy around town.

While her love life is a mess, her job prospects slim, and being in danger 24/7 , Brandy still manages to crack us up a long the way.

“Chocolate and I have a spiritual connection. It fills me up, makes me happy and never lets me down. If it were legal to wed an inanimate object, I’d ask it to marry me.”

This series just gets better and better. The characters are developed, the plots intriguing, and your emotions are on high alert.

5 stars*



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