The Proposition (The Proposition #1)


With her thirtieth birthday looming, Emma Harrison finds her biological clock clanging and the elusive knight in shining armor yet to appear. She’s running out of options, especially after her gay best friend backs out from being her sperm donor. Of course, there’s always a sperm bank, but Emma fears a donor mix-up might impregnate her with the spawn of Satan.

Resident company womanizer, Aidan Fitzgerald, is used to always getting what he wants, especially in the bedroom. When Emma spurns his advances at the company Christmas party, he’s determined to have her no matter what it takes. After Aidan learns of Emma’s predicament, he is quick to offer a proposition that will benefit them both. He will father Emma’s child, but she must conceive it with him naturally. Not one for hook-ups or casual sex, Emma is reluctant to take him up on his offer, but his charm, coupled with her intense desire for motherhood, wins out.

Soon their baby-making sessions become more than just physical. Aidan can’t seem to walk away from her while Emma begins to wonder if Aidan could be the one. But can Aidan leave his past behind to become the man Emma needs him to be?-Goodreads

I have to say I knew I was going to love this book as soon as I read the description. The characters, plot and chemistry were off the charts.

“He scooted his chair so close to hers that she fought the urge to back away. She gulped at his nearness. The lustful gleam flashing in his eyes made him like the Big Bad Wolf looming over her. “How much plainer can I make it for you? You were so damn sexy in that green dress. Your hair was down and fell in waves around your shoulders. And you kept giving me those innocent little smiles from across the room.” His breath scorched against her cheek before he whispered into her ear. “I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so much as I wanted to you.”

But this book was so much more than a steamy romance. Katie Ashley’s debut book is so full of heart.

Being 5 years shy of 30 I have contemplated what would happen if I didn’t achieve my own dreams of having a child by a certain age? Would I have the courage to skip social conventions to make motherhood possible? Would I be able to let go my fantasies of a boyfriend/husband experiencing this journey with me and attempting parenthood on my own? Sometimes I felt I was reading about my own desires, dreams, and fears.

“Emma leaned over to where their faces were only inches apart. “Since you think you know everything, tell me if you understand this. Have you ever wanted something so bad you think you’d die if you don’t have it? That the mere thought of it keeps you up at night. You can’t sleep, you can’t eat, you can’t drink. You are so consumed by that desire nothing else matters, and you’re not sure life is worth living if you can’t have it.”

Unfortunately circumstances have a funny way of preventing us from some of our goals. For Emma life has not been easy for her. With her own biological clock ticking, her overwhelming desire to become a mom, and the cold fickle bitch of reality Emma is determined to not let her crappy hand in life deny her of becoming a mom. Cue Aidan. He is a womanizer that has set his sights on Emma before in an attempt to wham-bam-thank-you-mam her. Emma refused his advances previously, but when he steps in with a solution to her problem this is when the story gets very VERY good.

“Why does everything have to be so damn hard on me? Women everywhere can drop their panties and have mindless sex, but no, not me! I have to get emotionally invested in a douchenozzle who is only willing to knock me up for his own pleasure!”

What I loved about Aidan in spite of his womanizing ways, he wasn’t a douche. There was nothing about him that turned me off. In many stories you have a sex-on-a-stick male that is a downright jerk who magically transforms into a knight in shining armor. Yes Aidan does creep things from time to time, and I am being specific to the cliffhanger that had me sobbing. But to me he wasn’t a creep. He is his own worst enemy. I loved him. He was endearing, thoughtful and worthy of redemption. Even when I wanted to dislike him I couldn’t.

This book and its’ characters stayed with me for long after I set my kindle down. For any woman that has contemplated the options when Happily Ever After doesn’t show up in time this book is a must read.

5 stars*



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