Into The Hollow (Experiment in Terror #6)


Perry Palomino has fought her demons – and won – but the battle is far from over. She’s now left broken and on her own, leaving behind her life and family in Portland to focus on giving Dex Foray – and the Experiment in Terror show – a second chance. But their past mistakes continue to tease and test their relationship, as does the wild and desolate terrain of the Canadian Rockies. The snow-covered peaks and ravenous forests hide an urban legend too unbelievably frightening to be true and the only way the duo has a chance of surviving is if Perry can let in the very man who sent her to hell and back. -Goodreads

What an INSANE journey! Yes fans, Ms.Halle has done it again!

“No matter what happened, he was Dex and I was Perry and that combination only led to trouble.”

I cannot explain in words the emotions I felt reading this. Fear, Hope, Pain, Love….ugh! You know you have read a good book when you refuse to move a muscle because NOTHING can tear you away from the story. ‘Lying Season’ is my favorite book in this series but I believe ‘Into the Hollow’ is edging up pretty dang close!

Dex and Perry are back to the show and are spending time investigating the urban legend of Bigfoot in the Canadian Rockies. There were moments in this book that my heart was racing and I was nervous as hell trying to keep my nerves calm.

Thankfully, Perry and Dex are reunited but a lot has gone down since ‘On Demon Wings’. They are still going through a weird transition in their relationship. Not only did Dex break Perry’s heart at the end of ‘Lying Season’ but he became her knight in shining armor in ‘On Demon Wings’. Poor Perry is just a little confused and Dex is not shying away from showing and telling her exactly how he feels.

“I shot him an unimpressed look. “Do you really think you’ll win me over by having sex with me?” He scratched at the side of his chin. “Well, they say the way to a woman’s heart is through her vagina.”

Yes, the banter is back! Dex is as funny as ever. Let’s just say I will never hear be able to refer to a llama as anything but a twatwaffle after this book.

“His eyes shone playfully, turning his irises a deep cocoa. “That’s why I like you, you’re a challenge.”I folded my arms and leaned back on one leg. “Oh, so that’s why…””Well, that and your ass.” My cheeks flamed. “Thanks.” “And your breasts.” “Got it.” “And what’s between your-” “Dex,” I warned, cutting him off.”

But as funny and as goofy as Dex can be the man has heart. Dex knows exactly how to make me  Perry weak in the knees.

“This is me trying, Perry,” he said softly, the anger being drained of his face. “This is me taking my heart out of my chest and putting the bloody mess in your hands. I can’t give you much more than that.”

Now comes the nerve wracking wait for book 7. Once Dex and Perry get creep into your heart you cannot help but devour each book. Looks like I will spend this time in wait re-reading their story from the beginning 🙂

5 stars*

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