Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2)


Dear Opportunist,

You thought you could take him from me, but you lost. Now, that he’s mine I’ll do anything to keep him. Do you doubt me? I have everything that was supposed to be yours. In case you were wondering; he doesn’t ever think about you anymore. I won’t let him go….ever.

Dirty Red


Yup. Just let that sink in for a moment.

So when I heard that Tarryn Fisher was going to write the 2nd book in this series from Leah’s POV I thought I might have a coronary. Leah is evil incarnate. She is the devil in the blue dress. If ‘The Opportunist’ was a trainwreck then ‘Dirty Red’ was a terrorist attack.

“I have done a number of things to keep this man. I have lied and cheated. I have been sexy and meek, fierce and vulnerable. I have been everything but myself.”

Do I hate Leah? You betcha! Do I sympathize with her? Yes!


I understand how that might not make sense but to me it does. Leah is a product of her environment and quite capable of changing those circumstances but some of her experiences growing up were horrible. I could not help but feel empathy for her. If only she would have gotten more hugs maybe she wouldn’t have become such a headcase. And even though we all fell in Caleb during ‘The Opportunist’ he is partly responsible for her.

“I just thought you needed one. You use that weird penny, and it keeps falling out____” His eyes had immediately snapped to my face,
“Where is it? You didn’t throw it away, did you?” I’d blinked at him, confused. “No, it’s in your office.” I couldn’t hide the hurt from my voice. His eyes had softened, and he’d come around the table to kiss my cheek. “Thank you, Leah. It was a good idea-really. I needed something better to use to remind me of my place.” “Your place?” “In the book.” He smiled.”

We all know Caleb is no saint but is a willing a guilty victim to her shenanigans. I feel bad for him too because I believe in many ways he is as lost as Leah is. He and Olivia are a force to be reckoned with, and when Olivia makes her presense in ‘Dirty Red’ you can’t help but go all fan girl excited.

“I thought you loved your husband.” She blows air through her nose.The action reminds me of an agitated horse. Her eyes rove from my shoes and land in disgust on my face. “I love yours too.”

Thankfully I wasn’t a blubbering mess like I was after reading ‘The Opportunist’ but I certainly felt the venom running through my veins after the INSANE OH EM GEE cliffhanger. I’d like to leave this review with a quote from ‘Great Expectations’ that I believe best sums up Leah aka Dirty Red.

“I am what you designed me to be.I am your blade. You cannot now complain if you also feel the hurt”

― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

5 stars*



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