Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror #3) Review


OH EM GEE. Yup that is how I felt throughout the whole novel. Dex and Perry are on a deserted island that is known for ghost activity dealing with lepers that died here. This book was seriously the creepiest so far. One of the scariest scenes to me was when Dex and Perry were in the tent and they wake to deer all outside…ugh that scene still gives me goosebumps. Not only are you dealing with strangely possessed animals, but you have the echoing of children laughing. This novel is terrifyingly creepy.

But while all that is going on you have Dex and Perry. Dex, Dex, Dex! You are killing me here! Their sexual tension reaches an all time high in this book. But it is not just sexy times. There are feelings starting to develop here…..

“Honestly kiddo? You’re beautiful. You use your weight as an excuse but you’re just all woman. Not every woman has to look like a stripper. Or a model. Or Megan Fox. You’re petite, have a tiny waist, a fantastic rack, a devastating ass…what the hell more do you want? You should know it. Everyone else knows it…that’s why you’re getting all these asinine comments. Can’t you just see that it’s just jealously that’s ripping these people apart?”

Now that sounds like the perfect response to a woman EVER! There are instances of drunk truth and dare, birthday celebration and some pretty big bombshells involving Dex and his stupid girlfriend Jenn lol. Of course there is no resolution to this situation, but as a fan you keep praying that Dex and Perry will make more strides in their relationship to one another. This book is scary, sad, funny, sexy and so many things in between. You cannot go wrong reading this one…

5 stars*


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